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          Money-saving advice
          In order to help you save money, we recommend that you buy a leather sticker with a size of 20*55inch, saves you $50 . And it is a complete oversized sticker. In fact, as shown in the video, it is more suitable for refurbishing furniture, not just for repairing.

          Note: There are many counterfeiters on the market, they only sell one counterfeit with a size of 8*12INCH, and use multiple small-sized leather stickers to disguise it as a large one. But our products are real size and can help you renovate furniture, not just repair it. Please pay attention to distinguish!!!


          HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Our leather repair patch is soft enough and high viscosity, so you can cut it into various shapes with scissors easily. Also leather patch kit has the fibre that can make the peel patch tougher and abrasion resistance.

          RELIABLE MATERIAL CONTROL: Compared with other unscrupulous merchants, our products have higher quality materials and higher thickness.

          APPLY TO ALL: The leather patch kit can be used in any situation that requires a renewal of aging leather and vinyl surfaces. Damaged surfaces found in any vehicle such as automobiles, aircraft, marine-craft, or any furniture such as sofas, chairs.

          APPEARANCE IS LUXURIOUS: paste in the break or stain is not easy to be found.

          HOW TO USE:1.Clean the damaged surface 2.Cut the dsired shape 3.Peel and stick.Premium self-adhesive repair patch help you cope with all kinds of scratches or hole problems easily.

          Tips:please clean the object and keep dry before pasting
          For a three-seat sofa, it is recommended that you use   3 sheets of 20×55inches Leather repair patch
          Car seat, motorcycle seat, recliner chair, truck seat chair, it is recommended that you use   a large inch leather patch(1 leather patch can be used for 1 seat)
          Purses, jackets, belts, suitcases, boots, gloves, handbags, footstools, and furniture. According to different needs, choose 8×12 inches/12×55inches/16×55 inches/20×55 inchesDifferent styles of leather repair patches


          • Weight: 43.39ounces/23.6 ounces/12.3 ounces/9.52ounces/1.4 ounces
          • Material: PU Artificial Leather
          • Color: White/ Creamy-white/ Light Grey/ Gray Black/ Orange/ Rose Red/ Pink/ Red/ Red Wine/ Khaki/ Beige/ Yellow/ Dark/ Green/ Light Green/ Green/ Royal Blue/ Light Blue/ Dark Blue/ Light Purple/ Dark Purple/ Coffee/ Chocolate/ Color/ Light Brown/ Dark Brown


          • Self-adhesive leather patch/20×53(inches) or 10×12(inches) or 40*53(inches)

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